Children Swimming Lessons

At MoovSwim, we use games and activities to develop children’s skills and water safety education in a children swimming lesson.

Children older than 36 months are independent of their parents. A teacher to children ratio of 1:4 allows for better supervision and time to cater for the needs of individual child in a group setting.

Children at this stage are more self-aware and have greater self-control in a class setting. It is not all about water familiarisation; it is about conducting themselves in socially acceptable ways. The feedback children received from adults helps them to define what is acceptable. Therefore, attending a children swimming lesson helps in developing their social skills as well as their motor skills.

MoovSwim - Children Swimming Lessons

It is important that parents understand the philosophy of the children swimming lesson for this age group. MoovSwim continues its focus on water familiarization. Depending on the child’s ability and readiness, specific swimming stroke development is gradually introduced.

Very often, swimming teaching has been based on employing the technical data used by elite swimmers for those who are learning to swim. However, children do not have the same skills. We concentrate on basic skill development thereby providing a solid base of knowledge from which to progress.

MoovSwim translates the available technical data on swimming into practical teaching methods. This approach involves using the senses of touch, sound and sight to teach children to swim, while creating mental images which produce the solid foundations on which the technical stroke is based on.

MoovSwim - Children Swimming Lessons